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You’ll Get Less Sick From COVID-19 If You Wear a Mask

According to Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease specialist at University of California at San Francisco, "The more virus you get into your body, the more sick you are likely to get." However, it's likely that your face mask is blocking some of the virus-carrying droplets that you are inhaling.

There are epidemiological patterns that show that countries where the face mask use was already common, have lower rates of severe illness and death. These countries are Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and others.

MD Gandhi said that "Masks can prevent many infections altogether, as was seen in health care workers when we moved to universal masking. We’re also saying that masks, which filter out a majority of viral particles, can lead to a less severe infection if you do get one." She claims that if you show no symptoms but you got the SARS-CoV-2 virus, that is the best way you can ever get it.

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