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France: In Lock Down Again

Since the first quarter of the year, France was struck badly by the COVID-19. From the 17th of March, until May 11, the country was under lockdown. The population had to have a written explanation for leaving home.

The second wave is hitting their country very hard again and the President Emmanuel Macron has decided to lockdown the country once again. However, this time the restrictions are not as strict as the ones imposed during the fiorst lockdown. Most of the factories and other businesses can remain open with certain limitations and following certain guidelines, such as the ones we have in the United States, like wearing a mask and social distancing.

On the other hand, Germany has decided to impose a partial lockdown, we will see in the following weeks how it plays for them. Hopefully, the transmission rates will go down as time passes and we see a vaccine wihtin a few months.

The following months are critical since we got the flu season over us already. Please stay safe, wear a mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands thoroughly.

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