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Face mask quality testing DIY

Not all face masks are created equal. Here are some tips to test the quality of face mask: water proof, melt-blown and static electric charge.

A typical medical face mask has three layers. The first and third layer are regular non-woven fabric. The two layers should be waterproof. When you cough, the water droplets won't be released to the air.

Waterpoof testing DIY

The middle layer material is called melt-blown media. It is specially manufactured non-woven fabric. It should filter bacteria or viruses with 95% efficiency, so called Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE). The quality of melt-blown is hard to test with DIY, but professional labs can do so. Nevertheless, you can test it by yourself at home. First, you can see whether it can be burned on fire. It is not supposed be on fire when burned. Second, you can test whether it sucks some pieces of towel papers, because the melt-blown media is charged with static electricity so that it can suck and stick the viruses.

Flammability testing:

Static electricity testing:

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